Personal escort, managing administrative responsibilities

  1. Personal, business and VIP guest escort
  2. Managing administrative responsibilities for foreigners in Hungary
  3. Organizing hunts


1. Personal, business and VIP guest escort 

Are you an English or Spanish businessman in Hungary without local knowledge? Would you like to avoid the trouble of using a taxi or renting a car? After a tiring business dinner would you like to go to your hotel and straight to the airport the next morning easily? Do you wish to use only your mother tongue while visiting Hungary? Do you have needs and is appearance important to you? Would you like to step out of a nice car, doors held for you, in front of your Business Partners? You got it!

You would love to see the sights of Budapest between two meetings but there is only a little time for that? You are planning a business dinner in the country side with your partners and you don’t know how to get there? We got the covered for you too!

You will be accompanied from the moment you arrive in Hungary until your departure. If required, your protection can be easily arranged by one of the ex-member of the Security Service with high-level protocol knowledge. In addition to Russian we also speak English, Spanish and Italian.

2. Managing administrative responsibilities for foreigners in Hungary 

You are in Hungary on official business and you don’t know the language and where to go or who to turn to with such procedures? Or you are leaving the country and you still need a contact person between you and the Hungarian office? Or maybe is it too expensive to travel to Hungary? You are planning to buy a house or flat in Hungary but cannot come to ask for expertise? We can help you with these. Let’s fight these obstacles together. We will help you solve your problems. In addition to Russian we also speak English, Spanish and Italian.

3. Organizing hunts

Would you like to go on a hunt in Hungary? Are you facing language or travelling difficulties? We can organize it for you and take you to the location as well. Make yourself, and your weapons, at home in Hungary. In addition to Russian we also speak English, Spanish and Italian.

 Quality service, reasonable prices.

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