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Welcome to the homepage of G&G Perfect Kft. Private detective, Information and Security Office.Our office was founded in 2015 and our main focus is private investigation, individual protection and consultancy. The office staff is well experienced in real-life and professionally which plays an important part in our success. The operations are done and co-ordinated by myself using 30 years of work experience at a national security service both in domestic and foreign environment. The legal framework and background of our activities are ensured by our lawyer partner whose field of expertise is international law. The key to our success is accuracy, discipline and reliability. We pay special attention to the relationship with our Clients and to the satisfaction of their needs. Discretion is part of our philosophy as a solid basis of good partnership and a must in this field. We strive to reach cooperation and build mutual trust at work and with our partners. If you are in a situation which require our services do not hesitate to contact us and get a quick and accurate solution to your problem on a competitive price. We speak English, Russian, Italian and Spanish. These languages combined with our international relationships will help to solve your case even if they lead to abroad.

Hire us and, you won’t be disappointed. I' m sure you’ll be satisfied with us.

Kind regards,

Emil Gál,

private investigator,  operations manager


  1. finding a missing person in Hungary
  2. environment study
  3. information collection and authentication
  4. security and reliability check
  5. company activities check
  6. Hungarian employees check
  7. Loss verification, theft investigation in Hungary
  8. Insurance fraud investigation in Hungary
  9. Private, Business and VIP guest escort
  10. Official affair handling for foreigners in Hungary

1. Finding a missing person in Hungary

Are you looking for an acquaintance, an old class mate and the lead goes to Hungary? Did your debtor disappear? Is it a child, a relative, an acquaintance, a debtor, a business partner, a girlfriend or an heir you are hoping to find in Hungary?

Using our open and secretive methods you will be provided with the location, real address or work place of the desired person.

2. Environment study

Would you like to know more about your future business partner before signing the contract? Do you want to know everything about your new partner and their past? The solution is environment study.

This means locating, identifying and documenting the targeted person. This also means mapping of their livelihoods, real financial status, workplace, income, relationships.

It is also a useful tool in cases of child custody and hiring a new employee.

3. Information collection and authentication

Would you like to authenticate the reference list of your Business Partner? Or check if the information in a resume relating to Hungary is real?Information collection, check and evaluation is available for both our Private and Business Clients.

Check of financial status, reliability and collateral of business partners. Liquidity check. Security check of individuals, companies and employees. Risk and creditability check, legality check of collateral, insurance fraud investigation and documentation. Finding latent properties. Assistance in cases that are already at court. Case relevant information collection and authentication. Comprehensive investigation of property purchase or sale. Business partner reliability check. Risk analysis. Fact-finding investigation.

4. Security and reliability check

Do you suspect that information is leaked from your Hungary based company? Would you like to avoid company secrets becoming public?

Collection of information related to a case, authentication and documentation. Administering reliability investigation of Business partners. Fact-finding investigation.

5. Company activities check

Do you want to make sure you are fully aware of the activities of your Hungarian Partner Company? Is it possible you are in contact with a phantom company? Will the debt of your Partner have a negative financial effect on your company as well?

Comprehensive financial status, reliability and collateral check.

6. Employee check

Would you like to have your Hungarian employees checked from the cleaning staff to the chief executive officer? Do you want to have reliable information on your Hungarian employees? Would you like to know who you really deal with?

The solution is employee check with conspired-secretive methods.

7. Loss verification, theft investigation

Do you suspect your employees are stealing from you? Do you suffer losses?

Our office can help you with the investigation of various misdemeanors and felonies of individual, company and business wealth and property. Such felonies may include theft, peculation, etc.

8. Insurance fraud investigation in Hungary

Is your insurance company fed up with that the insured cargos are robbed and now you are paying for the shortage? Did you perhaps paid a big amount after a fake insurance case?

Comprehensive investigation of insurance frauds related to Hungary and documentation.

9. Personal, business or VIP escort

You are expecting your business partner to visit Hungary but you don’t know how to ensure their safety? Would you like to make sure they are always on time and reach the target destination on a reliable vehicle and driver with a strong sense security and high knowledge of your partner’s mother tongue?

No problem. Your partner will be accompanied from the moment they arrive in Hungary until their departure. If required, protection can be easily ensured by one of the ex-member of Security Service with high-level protocol knowledge. In addition to Russian we also speak English, Spanish and Italian.

10. Official affair handling of foreigners in Hungary

What if your Partner has official business in Hungary and you don’t have the time and energy to do it? What if he leaves the country without closing a case and they still need a contact person between them and the Hungarian office? Or it is too expensive for your Partner to travel to Hungary?

Our office can help you solving these problems. Strong, self-confident appearance and full discretion. In addition to Russian we also speak English, Spanish and Italian.

Prices: 80.000 HUF - 400.000 HUF which is only informative and depends on the case complexity and the number of work hours, VAT to be added

Contact as:

tel.: +36 30 350 5803